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Development Course Of Home Textiles Bedding
Changxing Deyi Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 08, 2015

China has the world's largest consumer, home textiles market huge consumption potential will be released in the next few years, China's textile market is expected to be a net increase of 200 billion-300 billion yuan in the market. As textile three big eventually products field is one of of household textiles, in 2000 yǐ lái made has by leaps and bounds of development, annual growth over 20%, 2002 years in the national spinning industry of output about 300 billion Yuan Yuan, 2003 rose to 363 billion yuan, 2004 of data is up to 435.6 billion yuan, by China household textiles industry Association announced of data displayed, 2006, China Society Home spinning industry output about for 654 billion yuan, Compared with 2005 growth of 20%.

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