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How to wash linen

Changxing Deyi Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 08, 2015

Flax "natural" easily makes people hesitant when buying. Noble material if it is washed again become wrinkled, also to be greatly reduced. So flax textile products while washing, you should first pay attention to maintenance. Maintenance key to linen is washed and ironed. When washing, you must master the water temperature.

The temperature of the water can not be too high, should be controlled below 35 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. Linens can use a washing machine to wash, but be sure to use cold water, you should use neutral detergent, high efficiency detergents such as NET and not with the collar. Also, be sure not to let it come into contact with acidic substances, flax is a plant fiber, is sensitive to acid, acid on plant fibers and devastating, it's easy to burn out.

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